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Young-Williams Animal Center announces lower adoption fees

March 5, 2018

With the goal to increase adoptions and save more animal lives, Young-Williams Animal Center is lowering its adoption fees indefinitely.

New adoption fees include:

  • Kittens: $100, reduced from $125. Kittens are also buy one, get one free.
  • Adult cats (6 months-3 years): $25, reduced from $75
  • Older and senior cats (3 years or older): Free, reduced from $50
  • Adult and senior dogs (any dog 6 months or older): $40, reduced from $75-$125
  • Puppies: $250 adoption fee remains
  • Small mammals and exotics: Continue to range from $10-$60

Many cats like Fletcher are available for adoption at Young-Williams Animal Center.

All potential adopters will be screened and fully vetted by shelter staff, and those who aren’t a good fit will not be approved for adoption. Young-Williams Animal Center’s mission is “a home for every pet,” and this is another initiative to reach that goal.

“The exceptional benefit of adopting a pet from an animal shelter is that you actually are saving two lives,” CEO Janet Testerman says. “You’re saving one life by adopting, and you’re saving a second life by creating space in our shelter for another animal. The more pets we place in forever homes, the more animals we can save in East Tennessee. That’s why we always want to make sure each home is a perfect match for both the adopter and the pet.”

Young-Williams Animal Center has studied best practice methods of shelters around the country. Shelters that have lower adoption fees year-round experience reduced overall cost, see more animals get adopted and have less behavior and medical problems among the sheltered pets as well.

Fee-waived promotions garner attention and publicity, which gives the shelter the opportunity to highlight animals who may otherwise have been overlooked. Those adoption specials will continue at various times throughout the year as well.

For more information about pet adoption, visit

About Young-Williams Animal Center
Young-Williams Animal Center reminds the community to please spay and neuter your pets.

Young-Williams Animal Center takes in an average of more than 9,000 animals every year and serves as the official animal shelter for Knox County and the City of Knoxville. The center is a nonprofit organization, community-supported through public and private donations, and is dedicated to finding “a home for every pet.”

Young-Williams Animal Center is located off Sutherland Avenue at the entrance to John Tarleton Park at 3201 Division Street. Young-Williams Animal Village is located at 6400 Kingston Pike on Bearden Hill. Both locations are open seven days a week from noon-6 p.m.

For more information about Young-Williams Animal Center, call 865-215-6599 or visit