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U.S. Cellular offers tips to help get cash for clutter uncovered during stay-at-home order

May 15, 2020

Smartphone Apps Make Cleaning Up Profitable and Convenient

During the recent stay-at-home order in Tennessee, many people across the state have been cleaning out attics along with the rest of their homes and finding items they no longer use or have a need for. Even if it’s not a valuable antique painting or a rare wristwatch, U.S. Cellular has some tips to potentially make a little money clearing out unwanted items.

“Now that Tennessee’s stay at home order has been lifted, it’s time for all the cleaning out to pay off,” said Nathan Waddell, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in East Tennessee. “With smartphone apps, online selling platforms and secure payment options, it’s easier than ever to get cash for your old stuff from the palm of your hand.”

During this time, selling some of the excess items in your home can easily be turned into cash with the help of a smartphone. U.S. Cellular offers the following tips to help Tennessee residents get cash for their clutter or just find the best way to give it a new home:

  • Use the Right App: Second hand buying and selling apps let users easily sell their old stuff from their smartphone.
    • With Letgo, users can photograph the item they’re selling, upload it to the site, and start communicating with potential buyers. A chat feature in the app lets users communicate safely so there’s no need to give out personal contact information. Plus, to optimize safety, you can check users’ profiles to see if they’re verified and if they have positive reviews before moving forward with a sale.
  • Connect Using Social Media Sites and Groups: Tons of people are successfully buying and selling stuff through local Facebook garage sale groups. Buy from – and sell to – members of your community and make money on your unwanted items – from clothing to furniture and even used cars.
    • Pro tip: Get the digital wallet apps Venmo or PayPal to make it quicker and easier to collect payment for your things (or to pay for the items you’re buying).
  • Trade in Your Old Smartphone: U.S. Cellular’s trade-in program allows customers to get up to $450 for their old smartphones. Customers can visit to learn how to trade in their used smartphone. Plus, they’ll be doing something good for the environment.
  • Donate it: If after trying different avenues and you still have items left over, consider donating the remaining items to a local charity of your choice. Keep in mind these charities may have new donation guidelines post COVID 19. Check the organization’s website or place a call before dropping off items. Most charities can provide a receipt to be used for tax purposes all while supporting organizations that help others in your community, like KARM.

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