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March 21, 2013

March 21, 2013

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DrBergeinOverholt350More than 200 physicians specializing in gastroenterology gathered in Boston over St. Patrick’s Day weekend for the third annual GI Roundtable, which was co-founded by Knoxville’s Dr. Bergein “Gene” Overholt of Gastrointestinal Associates.

The theme of the 2013 GI Roundtable was “Dealing with Disruptive Change.” Change has become perhaps one of the only constants in medicine as health reform measures change the way physicians practice and the way patients receive care.

GI Roundtable has evolved into a premier event for gastroenterologists to hear about developments and innovations in their specialty, attend presentations from national experts speaking on important issues, and collaborate with their colleagues.

After nearly a year working to plan the event with co-founder Dr. Klaus Mergener of Tacoma, Wash., Dr. Overholt deemed the two-day event a success.

“It was probably our most successful conference,” he said. “The array of speakers was tremendous. The content was just exceptional.”

Keynote speakers Dr. Donald Berwick, former head of Medicare/Medicaid Services, and Harvard University professor Regina Herzlinger presented contrasting views of their visions of the future of health care and the strategies needed to succeed in the new landscape.

Dr. Overholt said the differing perspectives gave the hundreds of physicians much to think about as they return to their GI practices across the country.

Another very impressive speaker, he said, was Bridget Duffy, M.D., former CEO of ExperiaHealth and current chief medical officer of Vocera, who impressed on the physicians the vital importance of ensuring that the patient’s experience is the best possible from the moment a patient registers at the front desk until they check out. This patient focus encourages loyalty and builds a close physician-patient relationship.

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