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Cherokee Distributing Company brings new beer trend to East Tennessee

August 20, 2015

Aug. 20, 2015

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Cherokee Distributing Company is bringing a new trend in beer to its 22-county distribution region in East Tennessee: root beer-inspired beers. The new products include Coney Island Hard Root Beer and Not Your Father’s Root Beer.

“These products are adult beverages that you must be 21 or older to purchase, but for those of age, these fun and flavorful brews infuse the essence of root beer in a traditional bottled beer,” said Jeff Knight, general manager for Cherokee Distributing Company. “In each of these brews, a blend of root beer flavors and spices such as sassafras, anise, licorice, vanilla and wintergreen evoke a sweet and nostalgic experience for beer fans.”

East Tennesseans can find these products wherever they purchase beer, including local grocery and craft beer stores.

coney island hard root beerConey Island Hard Root Beer is made by Coney Island Brewing in Brooklyn, New York. The brewery seeks to capture the spirit, flavor and romance of its namesake, and the products are recognizable by their artistic labels featuring the iconic imagery of Coney Island. The hard root beer is a malt adult beverage with bold root beer flavor that the brewery recommends could be paired with other fun, nostalgic boardwalk snacks like cotton candy, fries and popcorn.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a spiced ale that combines hints of bitter hops with root beer flavors to create a sweet and smooth blend. This brew is the signature product of Small Town Brewery, based in Wauconda, Illinois.


Not-Your-Fathers-Root-Beer-6PK-12OZ-BTLThe brewery specializes in craft beers with a taste of nostalgia and flavorful ingredients – and its root beer-inspired ale has been in high demand as they’ve worked to increase production and preserve its high quality.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer can be paired with dessert or served alone as a sweet treat or ending to any meal.

“This is a growing trend – familiar, favorite flavors like root beer infused into a refreshing adult beverage,” Knight added.

“These brews are in high demand, and Cherokee Distributing Company is excited to bring two of the top brands to this market for East Tennesseans to enjoy.”

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