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July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013

Lauren Christ
Moxley Carmichael


Leaderboard taken down during “Howl at the Moon” week until winners are announced on July 31

The PetSafe “Bark for Your Park” contest is going “dark” in order to surprise the five winning cities when the results are announced on July 31.

Starting at 5 p.m. ET on July 19, the contest will enter the “Howl at the Moon” phase for the last week of voting, during which the leaderboard posted on the PetSafe website will be taken down. Pet-passionate supporters of the 15 nationwide finalist cities in the “Bark for Your Park” contest will continue voting daily on and the PetSafe Facebook page through July 26, but they will not be able to see which cities are in the lead.

“Now is the time for an enthusiastic final push for votes from all of your city supporters as well as friends and family across the nation,” said Randy Boyd, president and CEO of Radio Systems Corporation, maker of the PetSafe brand. “We’ve been amazed by the passion and commitment of these 15 finalist cities, and we’re looking forward to all of them achieving their dog park dreams. We have no doubt they all have momentum to do so.”

“Until then, we can’t wait to surprise five lucky cities with the news that they’ll be $25,000 – or even $100,000 – closer to making those dog park dreams a reality,” Boyd added. “Best of luck to everyone during the last week of ‘barking!'”

The 15 “Bark for Your Park” finalist cities, which are divided into three groups based on relative population size, are:

Brighton, Tenn.
Mountain House, Calif.
Pontiac, Ill.
Safford, Ariz.
Silver Cliff, Colo.

Auburn, N.Y.
Mason City, Iowa
Oxford, Ala.
West Columbia, S.C.
Wheeling, W.Va.

Conway, Ark.
Corpus Christi, Texas
East Hartford, Conn.
New Braunfels, Texas
Texarkana, Texas

The 15 finalist cities each submitted a 30-second video designed to show city supporters and pet-passionate people across the U.S. why their towns should win funding for a local off-leash dog park. PetSafe posted the videos on YouTube at, and each city that receives at least 1,000 YouTube views for its video will earn a bonus 1,000 votes.

The weekly “7 Vote Sniff Out” will be available on Friday, July 19. Voters who are logged into their Bark for Your Park account and visit will be offered an opportunity to participate in a brief online scavenger hunt. Voters will be prompted to find a specific product on the PetSafe website and answer a question. By doing so, they’ll earn seven votes that day for their favorite finalist city. The “7 Vote Sniff Out” will not be offered on the last day of voting on Friday, July 26.

PetSafe will continue to review all votes submitted for the 15 finalist cities. Any votes submitted in violation of the Official Contest Rules will be removed, which may change the vote totals for cities and affect the final leaderboard standings.

After voting ends on July 26, the finalist city with the most votes will be named the “top dog” and win a $100,000 PetSafe dog park. The city with the highest percentage of votes to its population will receive the “Bark from Your Heart” award and earn $25,000 toward building a local dog park. This year, the top vote-earners in each size category of small, medium and large will also each receive $25,000 toward building a PetSafe dog park.

“Bark for Your Park” contest winners will be announced on July 31. Stay tuned for more details about live streaming of this year’s winner announcement on

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