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Positively Living & Choice Health Network partners with Nashville CARES to open ‘one-stop’ medical center

August 21, 2020

Knoxville-based Positively Living & Choice Health Network is partnering with Nashville CARES to open My House Clinic, an inclusive “one-stop center” for medical and supportive services in the greater Nashville area beginning Sept. 1.

My House Clinic will deliver medical and supportive services on a full continuum of care under one roof and will feature the moniker of PRIDE: “Promotes Respect Inclusion & Dignity for Everyone.” The clinic will provide confidential testing, counseling services and pre-exposure prophylaxis and prescriptions for individuals at high-risk for exposure to HIV. The medical clinic also will provide primary care, COVID-19 and other disease testing, treatment and prevention with a focus on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV care.

“Since opening our Choice Health Network medical clinic in 2018, Positively Living has been on the lookout for robust, like-minded organizations who share our values and vision for expanding access to inclusive, trauma-informed healthcare,” Positively Living & Choice Health Network CEO Steve Jenkins said. “Choice Health Network’s medical clinic is a one-stop center for disease testing, treatment and prevention, along with primary care, case management and mental health services and a pharmacy.”

Nashville CARES is Tennessee’s largest HIV/AIDS service organization and annually serves more than 50,000 Middle Tennesseans.

“The opening of the My House Clinic is an exciting time for Nashville CARES as we celebrate 35 years of service in the Middle Tennessee community,” Nashville CARES CEO Amna Osman said. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Positively Living & Choice Health Network to build this ‘one-stop center,’ alleviating barriers to care and promoting positive health outcomes in an inclusive and affirming environment.”

Dr. Christopher Ott, chief medical officer for HCA Healthcare’s Physician Services Group and board chair for Nashville CARES added, “My House is creating access to culturally competent primary and HIV care for the LGBTQ+ community and the community at large, at a time when Nashville certainly needs this expanded access.”

Choice Health Network worked with Nashville CARES to develop The My House Clinic’s “whole-person care” approach.

“We feel strongly that this model is effective, and that Nashville CARES is a perfect partner for bringing this model to the greater Nashville area,” Jenkins said. We look forward to supporting their success in providing preventive and life-saving medication and medical services to Middle Tennessee’s most vulnerable residents.”

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About Positively Living & Choice Health Network

Positively Living, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1996 to assist in the care of those living with HIV and AIDS. In 2018 their Choice Health Network was launched to serve more people, in more impactful ways. Today they serve nearly 5,000 individuals and families struggling to survive the challenges created by HIV, homelessness, mental illness, substance use, and disabilities with offices in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, and Upper Cumberland. To learn more, visit

About Nashville CARES
Nashville CARES is Tennessee’s largest HIV/AIDS service organization. Last year Nashville CARES served more than 50,000 Middle Tennesseans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS including: HIV prevention education to more than 29,000 youth and adults, more than 10,000 FREE confidential HIV tests, and essential support services to 3,400 men, women and children living with the disease. To learn more, visit

About My House

My House is the go-to place for health, wellness and community for Same Gender Loving Men. Their vision is to bring love, compassion and support for the Same Gender Loving (SGL) male community to become self-sufficient by prioritizing health, wellness and a sense of individual value by providing a one stop shop Health & Wellness Community Center for Same Gender Loving Men of Color and Gay/Bisexual Men. To learn more, visit